Whose Cell Phone Number is This – Find Out Who is Calling You

by whose number is this on March 25, 2012

You get anonymous calls and text messages. You receive the calls and messages from an unknown cell phone number. You wonder whose cell phone number is this. Rest assured there are ways to find who is bugging you with prank calls and messages.

Reverse Cell Phone Look Up Services

Unlike land line numbers, cell phone numbers are not listed in white pages or public telephone directories. The cell phone companies don’t publish details of their consumers. However, the cell phone companies do sell and rent out name and addresses of their subscribers. Cell phone look up services get access to such databases by paying the cell phone companies a certain fee.

How Can I Find Whose Cell Phone Number is This

You enter the cell phone number into the reverse phone look up directory. If the directory has information on the subscriber of the particular number, you will get essential details like name of the person, the city, and the name of the cellular phone company.

As of now, that much is the information you can get from a reverse cell phone number search.

Other option of finding unpublished numbers is by contacting the cellular service company. However, there are different companies offering cellular services and you may need to contact different companies before you can find whose cell phone number is this.

The cell phone companies also are not enthusiastic about giving you information about their customers. You can still get the information by paying a certain fee.

You do not have to deal with different cell phone companies just to find out who is behind the mysterious messages and pesky calls. You can use the services of an online cell phone directory to find the information you need.

Reasons Why You Need to Find Whose Cell Phone Number is This

Apart from anonymous and pesky calls, there are several reasons why you need to find who whose cell phone number is this.

You have written down a number and forgot who the person is. You can look up the cell phone number to find out who it is and to determine whether or not to call the person at all. In any case, you will never have to ask the person who he/she is. With reverse number look up, you can save much embarrassment.

You want to know where a particular business is located. All you have is a phone number. You can use the reverse cell phone look up service to find out which city the business is located.

You are not comfortable asking a close friend what his/her real name is. Fortunately, you have his/her cell phone number. You can enter the cell phone number into the online directory to find out your friend’s full name.

Well, those are some reasons to use an online service to find whose cellphone number is this. Depending on your situation, you may have even more reasons to find out the owner of a particular phone number.

How Much Does it Cost to Find Whose Cellphone Number is This

The online directories may charge you a certain amount for locating the owner of a particular number. If you use the service frequently, you can take a membership, which allows you to conduct unlimited cell phone number searches for a flat monthly fee.

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aleamse May 19, 2012 at 5:48 am

Google has a free land line look up. Just goto Google.com and type the phone number.Confidential nubmres/Cell phone/ and some business nubmres do not show because of the same agreement with phonebook companies about sharing too much information.


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